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Solves for Present Value, Accumulated Value (Future Value or Savings), Payment, or N of an Annuity Immediate or Annuity Due.

Arithmetic Annuity
Calculates the Present Value, Accumulated Value (Future Value), First Payment, or Arithmetic Progression of an Increasing or Decreasing Arithmetic Annuity Immediate.

Compound Interest and Annuity Table
Given an interest rate (i), number of periods to display (n), and number of digits to round (r), this calculator shows the values for the following 4 compound interest annuity functions from time 1 to (n) rounded to (r) digits:
(1 + i)n
Force of Interest δn

Continous Annuity
Determines the Present Value and Accumulated Value of a Continuous Annuity

Geometric Annuity Immediate
Given an immediate annuity with a geometric progression, this solves for the following items
1) Present Value
2) Accumulated Value (Future Value)
3) Payment

If 5000 dollars is invested in a bank account at an interest rate of 10 per cent per year, find the
$150,000; 7%; 25 yr ordinary annuity formula
If you buy a computer directly from the manufacturer for $3,509 and agree to repay it in 36 equal in
Annuity that pays 6.6% compounded monthly. If $950 is deposited into this annuity every month, how m