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Addition Equality Property
Demonstrates the Addition Equality Property

Addition Property Of Inequality
Demonstrates the Addition Property Of Inequality

Additive Identity Property
Displays the line by line proof for the additive identity property

Additive Inverse Property
Demonstrates the Additive Inverse property using a number.

Associative Property
Demonstrates the associative property using 3 numbers.

Benchmark Fractions
Adds or Subtracts or Compares 2 fractions using estimating sums or estimating differences with benchmark fractions.

Commutative Property
Demonstrates the commutative property of addition and the commutative property of multiplication using 3 numbers.

Distributive Property
Demonstrates the distributive property using 3 numbers.

Division Equality Property Calculator
Demonstrates the Division Equality Property Calculator

Division Property Of Inequality
Demonstrates the Division Property Of Inequality

Equivalent Fractions
Given a fraction, this will determine equivalent fractions

Fraction Cancellation Property
Demonstrates the Fraction Cancellation Property

Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Given (improper fractions, proper fraction, mixed numbers, or whole numbers), this performs the following operations:
* Addition (Adding)
* Subtraction (Subtracting)
* Positive Difference (Absolute Value of the Difference)
* Multiplication (Multiplying)
* Division (Dividing: complex fraction division is included)
* Compare Fractions
* Simplifying of proper and improper fractions as well as mixed numbers. Fractions will be reduced down as far as possible (Reducing Fractions).
* Reciprocal of a Fraction
* Find all fractions between two fractions

Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple
Given 2 or 3 numbers, the calculator determines the following:
* Greatest Common Factor (GCF) using Factor Pairs
* Rewrite Sum using the Distributive Property and factoring out the GCF
* Least Common Multiple (LCM) / Least Common Denominator (LCD) using Factor Pairs
* GCF using the method of Successive Division
* GCF using the Prime Factorization method
* Determine if the numbers are coprime and twin prime

Multiple Fractions (Addition or Ordering)
This adds 3 or more fractions or arranges a list of fractions from lowest to highest and highest to lowest (ordering fractions or sorting fractions)

Multiplication Equality Property
Demonstrates the Multiplication Equality Property

Multiplication Property Of Inequality
Demonstrates the Multiplication Property Of Inequality

Multiplicative Identity Property
Demonstrates the Multiplicative Identity property using a number.

Multiplicative Inverse Property
Demonstrates the Multiplicative Inverse property using a number.

Number Property
This calculator determines if an integer you entered has any of the following properties:
* Even Numbers or Odd Numbers (Parity Function or even-odd numbers)
* Evil Numbers or Odious Numbers
* Perfect Numbers, Abundant Numbers, or Deficient Numbers
* Triangular Numbers
* Prime Numbers or Composite Numbers
* Automorphic (Curious)
* Undulating Numbers
* Square Numbers
* Cube Numbers
* Palindrome Numbers
* Repunit Numbers
* Apocalyptic Power
* Pentagonal
* Tetrahedral (Pyramidal)
* Narcissistic (Plus Perfect)
* Catalan
* Repunit

Percentage of the Pie Word Problem
This takes two or three fractions of ownership in some good or object, and figures out what remaining fraction is left over.

Rational,Irrational,Natural,Integer Property
This calculator takes a number, decimal, or square root, and checks to see if it has any of the following properties:
* Integer Numbers
* Natural Numbers
* Rational Numbers
* Irrational Numbers

Reflexive Property
Demonstrates the reflexive property of congruence using a number.

Subtraction Equality Property
Demonstrates the Subtraction Equality Property

Subtraction Property Of Inequality
Demonstrates the Subtraction Property Of Inequality

Symmetric Property
Demonstrates the Symmetric property using a number.

Transitive Property
Demonstrates the Transitive property using a number.

Trichotomy Property
Demonstrates the Trichotomy Property with 2 numbers.

Zero Multiplication Property
Demonstrates the Zero Multiplication property using a number.