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Change Counting
This shows you how to make change using the least amount of bills/coins by taking a bill amount and a cash tendered amount from a customer and figuring out the fastest way to make change. Maximum denomination is $100

Coin Amount to Denomination
Takes a money value and using the highest possible bills/coins, constructs the amount using bills and coins.

Coin Combinations
Given a selection of coins and an amount, this determines the least amount of coins needed to reach that total.

Coin Denomination Conversions
This caculator converts between the following coin denominations:
* Penny
* Nickel
* Dime
* Quarter
* Half-Dollar
* Dollar

Coin Toss Probability
This calculator determines the following coin toss probability scenarios
* Coin Toss Sequence such as HTHHT
* Probability of x heads and y tails
* Probability of at least x heads in y coin tosses
* Probability of at least x tails in y coin tosses
* Probability of no more than x heads in y coin tosses
* Probability of no more than x tails in y coin tosses
* (n) Coin Tosses with a list of scenario results displayed
* Monte Carlo coin toss simulation

Coin Values
This calculates the total value of a given amount of:
* Pennies
* Nickels
* Dimes
* Quarters
* Half-Dollars
* Dollars

Coin Word Problems
This word problem lesson solves for a quantity of two coins totaling a certain value

Suppose Briley has 10 coins in quarters and dimes and has a total of 1.45. How many of each coin doe
A parking meter contains 27.05 in quarters and dimes. All together there are 146 coins. How many of
Liz harold has a jar in her office that contains 47 coins. Some are pennies and the rest are dimes.
79 cents in 7 coins
A pile of coins, consisting of quarters and half dollars, is worth 11.75. If there are 2 more quarte
Kevin and randy have a jar containing 41 coins, all of which are either quarters or nickels. The tot
How many dimes must be added to a bag of 200 nickels so that the average value of the coins in the b
Juan has d dimes and q quarters in his pocket. The total value of the coins is less than $14.75. Whi
A fair coin is tossed 4 times. a) How many outcomes are there in the sample space? b) What is the pr
Gayle has 36 coins, all nickels and dimes, worth $2.40. How many dimes does she have?
Lisa has 32 nickels this is one third of her coins how many coins does she have
Juan has d dimes and q quarters in his pocket. The total value of the coins is less than $14.75. Whi
Rob has 40 coins, all dimes and quarters, worth $7.60. How many dimes and how many quarters does he
Lucas has nickels,dimes,and quarters in the ratio 1:3:2. If 10 of Lucas coins are quarters, how many
A jar contains 80 nickels and dimes worth $6.40. How many of each kind of coin are in the jar?
A coin is tossed and a die is rolled. Find the probability pf getting a head and a number greater th
Kendra has $5.70 in quarters and nickels. If she has 12 more quarters than nickels, how many of each