Parent Acquires Mysterious 24k Gold Phone
Instant Math Help Whenever You Call or Text

Picture this: your child has a desperate need for math homework help every week. As a parent, you have a million things to worry about. Math help is one more thing added to your hectic list. Instead of stressing out to schedule a math tutor, you calmy reach over next to you, and pick up a phone. But this is no ordinary phone. Instead, you hold a 24 karat gold, custom made, laser etched phone in your hands.

The phone has one private, unlisted, number programmed into it. When you call or text the number, you reach a math tutoring expert. The expert calmly helps you solve your problem step-by-step. After the expert responds, you hang up confident in your solution - with all your stress melted away.

Whether you call, email, or text, the phone provides instant relief for math stress. Algebra troubles? You call the golden phone. Word Problem Stress? Text the golden phone. Troubles starting a math problem? Reach for the golden phone and call the expert. When math gives you headaches, your personal expert provides the aspirin.

The Golden Phone Math Expert

Just who is this so-called math expert, on the other end of your 24 karat golden phone? To learn more, we need to go back 11 years. An obscure math major, located 15.5 miles west of Chicago, Illinois, came up with an idea.

He wanted to disrupt the idea of math tutoring. Instead of scheduling conflicts, weather problems, and travel issues, he had a vision. Can a website be built to solve math problems? Could it help anybody, 24 hours a day, in any country, all across the world?

What kind of math problems? How about all math subjects, Kindergarten through College. People in his Inner Circle pleaded with him to reconsider. They realized what a daunting task lay ahead. They begged and pleaded for him to avoid this massive task. Against the advice of others, he began his journey.

The 11 Year Experiment

For the first three years, the expert did nothing else except build calculators. What started as one simple calculator, grew into hundreds of calculators. Hundreds of calculators turned into a Movement. And the movement translated into over 400,000 monthly visitors with a common goal - fast, detailed math help.

Soon, the Movement created a small, elite, math tutoring group. This group shared the knowledge of the Expert - through the Golden Phone. And a new group was born, called The Homework Coaching Mastermind.

This Homework Coaching Mastermind gives you a judgement free zone. No pressure, no stress, and no criticism. It's just you and the math work right in front of you. You move at your own pace. Any math problems or math knowledge you need help with, The Expert serves it up. And just who is this Expert, on the other end of your Golden Phone?

Meet The Expert

My name is Don Sevcik, President and Founder of Since my first math tutoring session in a coffee shop 11 years ago, the goal stayed the same. Create faster, more confident thinkers in math. During this time, a select group of parents asked for personal tutoring. Requests started with homework help. Then parents wanted even more help, with quizzes and exams.

Becoming a Personal Mentor

Since 2007, my website solved and explained over 100,425,511 calculations for students and parents of all ages. I've been fortunate to tutor students in over 56 countries across the world. Even though I've digitally tutored millions of people, some parents asked for more.

Parents wanted help for their kids for entire classes and semesters. Help with two or three homework assignments turned into something more. As one high school parent told me:

I feel better having you around when we need math help

And this is the purpose of the Homework Mastermind Group. Access. Consistent access to get help when you need it.

The Big Shift

For the last year, I’ve scaled back, and turned away individual requests for homework help. I find the biggest breakthroughs with students in math come from consistent and reliable help from an expert. Somebody who is there, all the time who you can call on when you are struggling. A person who instills confidence and gets things done.

I've shifted focus to work side by side with a small group of people. The group is part tutor, and part mentorship. Because having a mentor for a difficult subject like math helps you improve.

The Power of an Expert

Nothing speeds your learning curve faster than an expert. Instead of spinning your wheels trying to figure out difficult concepts, the expert helps you learn in a fraction of the time. Why take the stairs to success when you can take the elevator instead?

The homework mastermind group helps you get homework done faster. In this hectic world we live in, time saved equals gold. Why fiddle around in a textbook, when you can pick up the gold phone and get what you need?

Do You Qualify?

This group is not for everyone. Correction, this group is not for most people. I’m turning away 99% of homework help requests to run this group. I’m looking for parents who have a child who needs math help all the time. This child is in grade school, junior high, high school, or college. I’m looking for parents who understand the value of time, and the value of expertise in helping their child complete school work.

I want parents who commit to their child's success. The type of parent I work with is an action taker. This group gets better grades, thinks faster, and gains higher confidence.

I want parents who know the value of freeing up their schedule, reducing stress, and having a better life.

What you get

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