Math Glossary Letter O
obtuse angle
angle measuring greater than 90 degrees
An eight (8) sided polygon

P = 8s
base 8 number system
odd numbers
Numbers not divisible by 2
The ratio of a payoff to a stake
odds probability
Probability of odds paying off
odds ratio
odious numbers
A number with an odd number of 1s in the binary expansion
ohms law
open interval
Interval with no endpoints

open sentences
A math statement, either true or false, based on values supplied for a variable
A math process
opposite numbers
A number on the other side of the number line, with the same distance from zero
option delta
order of a matrix
order of magnitude
order of operations
ordered pair
A pair of numbers signifying the location of a point

(x, y)
ordered partitions
ordered triple
Three numbers signifying the location of a point in 3-D space

(x, y, z)
ordering fractions
Sorting a fraction set ascending or descending
ordering numbers
Sorting a number set ascending or descending
Absolute value of the y-coordinate, or perpendicular distance to the x-axis. For the cartesian coordinates (x, y), the abscissa is |y|.
On a two digit coordinate plane, the point (0, 0), where the x-axis and y-axis cross.
The point where the three altitudes of a triangle intersect
Two perpendicular lines - two lines forming a 90 degree angle
A unit of measurement for liquids/solids
outer fence
start with the IQR and multiply this number by 3. We then subtract this number from the first quartile and add it to the third quartile. These two numbers are our outer fences.