Stock A is worth 4.5. Stock B is worth 8.0. Stock C is worth 10.0. She purchased half as many shares

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    Stock A is worth 4.5. Stock B is worth 8.0. Stock C is worth 10.0. She purchased half as many shares of B as A and half as many shares of C as B. If her investments are worth 660, how many shares of each stock does she own?

    Let s be the number of shares in Stock A. We have:
    1. A: 4.5s
    2. B: 8s/2 = 4s
    3. C: 10s/4 = 2.5s
    Value equation: 4.5s + 4s + 2.5s = 660

    Combining like terms:
    11s = 660

    Using the equation calculator, we get s = 60 for Stock A

    Stock B shares is equal to 1/2A = 30
    Stock C shares is equal to 1/2B = 15

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