Arnie bought some bagels at 20 cents each. He ate 4, and sold the rest at 30 cents each. His profit

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    Arnie bought some bagels at 20 cents each. He ate 4, and sold the rest at 30 cents each. His profit was $2.40. How many bagels did he buy?

    Let x be the number of bagels Arnie sold. We have the following equation:
    0.30(x - 4) - 0.20(4) = 2.40

    Distribute and simplify:
    0.30x - 1.20 - 0.8 = 2.40

    Combine like terms:
    0.30x - 2 = 2.40

    Add 2 to each side:
    0.30x = 4.40

    Divide each side by 0.3
    x = 14.67 ~ 15

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