12.66 g of calcium are heated in air,17.73 g of calcium oxide is formed.The percent oxygen in the co

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    12.66 g of calcium are heated in air,17.73 g of calcium oxide is formed.The percent oxygen in the compound is?

    17.73g Calcium oxide - 12.66g Calcium = 5.07g Oxygen

    Mass of the element / Mass of the compound * 100%
    = 5.07g O / 17.73g CaO2 X 100%
    = 28.6% of Oxygen in the compound

    Check Your Work
    Mass of the element / Mass of the compound X 100%
    = 12.66g Ca รท 17.73g CaO2 X 100%
    = 71.4% Ca

    71.4% Ca + 28.6% O = 100% CaO2

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