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Discussion in 'Personal Homework Help' started by Equinox187, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Equinox187

    Equinox187 New Member

    A man is three times as old as his son was at the time when the father was twice as old as his son will ne two years from now. Find the present ages of each person.

  2. math_celebrity

    math_celebrity Administrator Staff Member

    I'm confused. Is there a father, grandfather, and son involved in this problem?

  3. Equinox187

    Equinox187 New Member

    I am confused too

    it is okay because I turned in some random stuff
    but the teacher explained in class so I know now

  4. math_celebrity

    math_celebrity Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, good to hear you got it worked out.

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