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    I need 36 m of fencing for my rectangular garden. I plan to build a 2m tall fence around the garden. The width of the garden is 6 m shorter than twice the length of the garden. How many square meters of space do I have in this garden?

    List the answer being sought (words) ______Need_________________________

    What is this answer related to the rectangle?_Have_________________________

    List one piece of extraneous information____Need_________________________

    List two formulas that will be needed_______Have_________________________

    Write the equation for width_____________Have_________________________

    Write the equation needed to solve this problem____Need____________________

  2. math_celebrity

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    List the answer being sought (words) ______Area of the garden

    What is this answer related to the rectangle?_Have_________________________

    List one piece of extraneous information____2m tall fence

    List two formulas that will be needed_______P = 36. P = 2l + 2w

    Write the equation for width_____________w = 2l - 6

    Write the equation needed to solve this problem A = lw, P = 2l + 2w

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